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Crime Stoppers works in partnership with local law enforcement and the public to encourage anyone with information about the cases featured below to submit a tip. We also remind you that the general public should never attempt to intervene on behalf of the individuals shown but should contact law enforcement.

Jenna Robbins

Agency: Killeen Police Dept.
Case #: NCMEC: 601879
Last seen in Killeen on 05/14/1989, Jenna's photo is shown aged to 30 years. She was outside of her home...

Victoria Ramirez-Guerrero

Agency: Harker Heights Police Dept.
Case #: NCMEC: 1266058
Last seen in Harker Heights on 04/08/2016, Victoria may still be in the local area. Victoria's ears are pierced. Date of...

Elizabeth Campbell

Agency: Killeen Police Dept.
Case #: NCMEC: 959922
Last seen in Copperas Cove 04/25/1988, Campbell was last seen at a 7-Eleven convenience store in Copperas Cove, Texas. The...

Danielyelle Jolene White

Agency: Bell County
Case #: M0501011
Last seen in Killeen on 05/21/2004, White requires prescription medication. It is unknown if she is taking her medication. Date of...

Judith Mae Riems

Agency: Bell County
Case #: M1407007
Last seen in Temple on 05/12/2012, Riems has a slender build and wears prescription lenses. She has a surgery scar...

Deanna Michelle Merryfield

Agency: Bell County
Case #: R0710010
Last seen in Killeen on 07/23/1990, Deanna has multiple tattoos of "Merryfield" with an unknown date on her neck, a...

Elmer George Reed

Agency: Bell County
Case #: M1102007
Last seen in Temple on 03/15/1996, Elmer "Buzz" suffers from mental illness and may be the victim of foul play. Case...

Benjamin Lund

Agency: Bell County
Case #: M0507016
Last seen in Harker Heights on 06/13/2005, Lund was last seen leaving his home wearing a white T-shirt and blue...

Carmen Cavallero Garth

Agency: Bell County
Case #: M0710010
Last seen in Belton on 07/01/2007, Garth wears contact lenses and glasses. She has scars on her left wrist, neck,...

Angelica Maria Gandara

Agency: Bell County
Case #: A8601009
Last seen in Temple on 07/14/1985, Angelica was last seen wearing a black and white short sleeve pullover shirt, black...

Marie Theresa Cherry

Agency: Bell County
Case #: M9211003
Last seen in Fort Hood on 10/10/1992, Cherry has a scar in the scalp area on her forehead, a chipped...

Stacy Lynn Carson

Agency: Bell County
Case #: M0504014
Last seen in Killeen on 02/01/2004, Carson wears glasses and contacts. She has overlapping teeth, is a smoker and has...