About Us

Bell County Crime Stoppers has been recognized by the State of Texas and Crime Stoppers International as one of the most productive programs for its population in the world. We have won many awards for most cases cleared, highest dollar amount of narcotics and /or stolen property recovered and biggest annual increase.
Crime Stoppers is truly International with programs in England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

Crime doesn’t pay, Crime Stoppers does!!

Bell County Crime Stoppers has helped
Bell County area Law Enforcement Agencies solve 3,182 cases,
arrest 2,548 criminals and recover stolen property valued at $4,438,470.
Officers have confiscated drugs with a street value of $9,218,691.
Crime Stoppers has paid $313,450 in rewards for tips received that solved cases.

Bell County Crime Stoppers was founded as Killeen Crime Stoppers  in 1981 and closely follows the set and procedures established in the original program from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bell County Crime Stoppers is administered by a volunteer, civilian board of directors. They are responsible for raising the money to pay the rewards that we publicize. They determine the amount of rewards to be paid and handle the disbursement of all funds.

The Killeen Police Department provides a police coordinator for the program. This coordinator is responsible for getting the tips to the right investigators, doing follow-ups on the tips, reporting to the board,  acts as the public spokesman for the program, and maintains the records files of the program. The media promotes the activities of the program, and reports the successes of the program to the public. The community provides the board members and is the direct source of funds for the reward fund. No tax money is spent on rewards. The board of directors raises money through fund raising projects such as the annual golf tournament and through direct solicitation. Some funds are available through state level grants for administrative costs, etc.

Interested in a position on the board of directors? All board members must go through a background check and must attend annual training.